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This house was in my imagination years ago when I built my first solar house in Holland NY. I pictured a mirrored triangular building in the woods that would virtually disappear. After giving up living in the country I moved back to the city resuming life as a woodworker and artist. The idea of a triangle house lay dormant until I sold my dwelling and had the money to do something new. 

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Corner Kitchen



This kitchen corner influenced by Mexican experience. Bright tiles, polished concrete floors, cabinets floating over mirrored insets. Mirrors enhance the natural lighting and create illusions of space.

House Exterior
exterior gives the impression of a xxx house but the floor plan is the same for both floors. The exterior is a Hardy Board, fiber and concrete panels painted aluminum. The studio, not shown, has the solar panels on the roof. Its covered with cedar wood painted black. 


This photo shows windows on the south side of the building. All the windows are facing south. Eighteen window plus glass doors give plenty of light in the interior.


Interior/exterior photos
Interior shots show 2nd floor with cork floor, bed, office space, windows, elevator, wall art, entrance with privacy screen, triangle dining table, view through bottle collection and finally the outside patio.

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